Accessorizing Fur

Accessorizing Fur

Whether real or faux, fur is in again. We all know that anything — or nothing — looks good under a fur coat, but how do we make the most of fur accessories like vest and boots without looking like an extra from a movie? One good way to begin is to look at Fall fashion previews to see what’s in and how people are rocking the new looks. Celebrities are another good source if you’re looking for trending fashions and how to make them work. For those who want to make their own fashion statement, here are a few hints on how you can ride this trend for maximum benefit.


Choice of fabric can make or break an ensemble. Whether synthetic or natural fiber, what matters most is bulk. Denim is always a can;t miss option, as are cotton and silk. When it comes to wool, go for a smaller gauge, lightweight fabric. Bulky, ultra-textured fabrics like alpaca rarely work.


People tend to go for a monochrome look or exact match when it comes to color and fur accessories. When done right, this can work, but often it just ends up looking boring or plain. There are more options now when it comes to fur colors that from natural to neon, so it’s easier and more fun to mix and match or play with the palette. If you’re going to go for a bright pink vest, use a contrasting color underneath. When choosing a natural dye color, adding a splash of blue, red, or orange can really make it pop.


The fit and cut of your accessories can make or break even the best color or fabric match. Since colder weather brings out the need to layer — not just for mixing textures and colors, but also for warmth – going one size larger will give you a good fit without unnecessarily restricting your movement. For layering to work, the fabrics you choose lightweight and complimentary.

Length is also a consideration. Those with short torsos and longer legs can easily wear almost any length. However, petites or those who are longer in the waste should wear something that’s a little more fitted and proportionate with regard to height to avoid looking like they are swimming in the fur.

Websites like are an example of how online clothing companies can show consumers the latest styles while offering tips and other services that relate to their product line. Such well-rounded websites are a boon to consumers who are often unable to see the product up close before it’s delivered.


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