A Pump With A Good Price

At the end of the season my old Pentair pool pump of fifteen years just stopped working. I knew after fifteen years of working that it was on borrowed time so it came as no surprise when it just stopped! I was so happy with the Pentair brand that I knew I wanted to purchase that brand again. I started looking for them at local pool stores. I found another brand at another pool store for $199 but I really didn’t want to try a new brand that I had never heard of before. So I went online to read some reviews about this new brand. When I did a Google search I found the exact same Pentair pool pump that I really wanted on Pool Supply Unlimited with no shipping costs! It was delivered in less than a week and was exactly the same as the one that I had bought fifteen years ago! If I can get even ten years out of this new pump I will be very happy!


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