A Funny Story

I just want to share something funny. It was about a close friend whom I invited to try some social networking sites. The story goes this way. We went to Cafe Bob’s to drink cold frappes and eat yummy cookies. While eating, we we’re talking about some old high school friends and how they’ve been. She was shocked to know that most of our batch mates where already married and have kids, stuffs like that. At first, I asked her if she has any Facebook or Friendster account. I just laughed at her when she told me she has none of it. I was like, “Oh ok!” I told her to better make an account so that she could be updated with what’s going on — with friends, family, etc. LOL. I even asked her to try Twitter and Tumblr as well. Unfortunately, when I uttered the word Tumblr, she was like “What? Tumbler? What will I do with a compost tumbler?” It was really hilarious! I was like, “What the hell’s wrong with you? Where on earth did you go not knowing any of these stuffs!” LOL. Good thing we’re that close that instead of feeling embarrassed or something, she just laughed hard! LOL. Love you Marg!


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