A Clever and Easy-To-Use Device

I’ve have been using my original Peet dryer that I purchased from CozyWinters.com for three years now with excellent results for hiking boots, Nordic ski boots, athletic and street shoes. Although the heat level is very modest, and therefore protects your footwear and keeps the electric bill low, it will only thoroughly dry all but the very soggiest boots in a few hours. It also seems to eliminate any foul odours in athletic or street shoes. I’ve seen much fancier boot dryers. But it seems a bit pricey for something so simple that it has no moving parts on it. So I’m not tempted to get anything else because this simple model is foolproof and gets the job done. I highly recommend CozyWinters.com boot dryers for anyone who wants to dry out their wet shoes or boots while exploring the surface of our beautiful planet.

Here’s a hot tip: Put your already-dry winter boots on this Peet dryer before venturing out on a cold winter morning and your feet will be truly toasty!


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