5 Wig Myths Debunked

5 Wig Myths Debunked

Even saying the word “wig” around a room full of women tends to have a very negative reaction. Eyebrows are lifted, ladies shake their heads as if to say, “Not for me!” Wigs for women, however, are becoming increasingly more popular as are clip-in hair extensions. Many of the negative reactions to the mention of wigs and extensions are based on outdated information that simply does not apply today. Here are a few myths about wigs.

1. Wigs Itch

Many still associate wigs with an itchy head. Wigs of the past were made with a more abrasive liner than today. If you have invested in an up-to-date wig and still find that you are itching, you may want to consider using a wig cap over your own hair to prevent this sensation. Properly caring for your wig, including washing occasionally and rinsing very well, can also help to alleviate the problem. Modern synthetic wigs not only hold up better to washing and drying and are much less itchy than real hair wigs.

2. Wigs Must Be Expensive to Look Good

Some think that a real hair wig is the only way to go if they must wear a wig. Wigs made of real hair can cost anywhere from several hundred dollars to several thousands of dollars. Today, many wigs are synthetic and tend to be more comfortable and hold their shape better than real hair wigs. Synthetic wigs can vary in length as well as in style. From a ponytail insert designed to blend in with a real ponytail and give more length and fullness to a full wig that comes in an updated style, wigs do not have to cost a fortune today to look good.

3. People Can Always Tell When You Wear a Wig

It may have been simple in the past to tell if someone was wearing a wig. Today, however, many are surprised when a movie star or public figure admits that they regularly wear wigs. Because wigs now come in different sizes as well as with the ability to adjust to fit your own head, it can be difficult to tell if one is wearing a wig or has simply gotten a new hairstyle.

4. Only Balding or Bald Women Wear Wigs

Wigs of the past were a method of camouflage. It seems the only women who wore them were women who were balding and trying to cover it up. Today, women with thinning hair may still be wearing wigs, but many others are also using wigs to enhance their natural hairstyles. Others like wigs because they are simple to put on and they need much less styling than one’s own hair.

5. Wigs Look Flat and Unnatural

One frequent complaint about wigs in the past was the fact that after they had been worn a few times, they stopped looking good and only looked flat or frizzy. Today’s technology has allowed for new manufacturing of real and synthetic wigs that helps them to retain their style as well as their beauty. Most wigs today can be gently washed, air dried and restyled with very little effort.

Wigs today are more user-friendly than they were in the past. From ease of wear to simplicity of care, many are choosing wigs or hair pieces to enhance their own hair or simply create a look or style that is flattering for them. Making sure you purchase from a reputable retailer will ensure that your wig helps to debunk the myths of the past.


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