4 Services To Simplify Business Processes

Running a business can be a daunting task, especially for the certified neophyte. This is why tools that help simplify business processes abound in the marketplace. Oftentimes, however, the cost of implementing these tools is dependent on the complexity of the process. Meaning, the more complicated the process, the more expensive the tool gets. But then again, if you look hard enough, there also are tools that don’t cost as much, or are even free, regardless of the type of work they help you do. Consider the following tools:

1. PickyDomains.com

Deciding on a business name is an important first step in effective branding. The name you choose for your business should speak volumes about the products and/or services you offer, and if done properly, should prompt customers to know more about your business. But in the real world, this may be easier said than done. Branding agencies can help in this territory, but they charge a lot for the services they offer.

PickyDomains.com is a crowdsourcing site that’s been in the business of providing relevant, unique, catchy and easy-to-pronounce domains, names and slogans to individuals and business entities. Operating since 2007, PickyDomains now has a strong pool of over 50,000 registered contributors from various regions of the world. To start receiving naming recommendations from this diverse group of individuals, simply register with the site to become a client, make an upfront payment of $50 if it’s a name or domain you need (or $75 for a slogan) and designate your naming criteria. If despite the hundreds, if not thousands, of suggestions you receive, not a single one matches your specified parameters, with a click of a button, you get a refund, which makes this service absolutely risk-free.

2. Comindware.com

Automation, for most businesses, is the solution to a lot of things: restructuring of manpower, streamlining of processes, effective containment of costs. Comindware.com is a team-oriented automation solution and project management software that provides breakthrough flexibility in the organization and administration of team work efforts. With Comindware Tracker’s ElasticData technology, formalization and alteration of workflow processes is flexibility personified. You can formalize processes now and if changes are required anytime soon, you may do so without having to disrupt ongoing operations. Plus, with Comindware’s Workflow Builder functionality, a designing or IT background is not necessary to visually design and optimize your workflow. As long as you know how to drag and drop stuff, your new and streamlined process should be ready for deployment in a matter of minutes. Comindware Tracker is all yours to try for free. And when you’re ready to make a purchase, depending on the number of software licenses you need, you may be entitled to discount rates.

3. JetRadar.com

Air travel has cheapened a lot nowadays, thanks to the arrival of low-cost airlines and online ticket sites. But with this innovation is the intense competition among airlines that they now reserve their best offers in their own sites and partner third-party sites. This results in the consumer going from one site to another to search for the cheapest deals available.

JetRadar.com is a search engine that methodically combs through hundreds of travel and ticketing sites, plus 700+ individual airline sites, for the most economically attractive airfare offers and makes the data it collects within easy reach by the searching public in a single site. JetRadar not only aspires to limit the time and energy you would have to expend in your search for the best airfare offer, it also ensures you get the most value for your hard-earned money.

4. Bitrix24.com

For a lot of companies, efficiency in the workplace has been made easy with the use of technologically-advanced resources like CRMs and intranets. But for the small business owner, implementation of these tools may not be economically viable.

Bitrix24.com is a social enterprise solution that’s 100% free for small businesses with 12 staff members or less. Bitrix24 aggregates several different work applications in a single platform – CRM for transaction and sales tracking, workforce monitoring, real-time viewing, intranet, calendar and activity planner, file and document sharing, among others. Also, Bitrix24 is cloud-based, meaning, installation is not warranted and it can be accessed virtually anywhere via a web-based browser or smartphone, making your work station accessible anytime you need it. For companies with greater than 12 employees, Bitrix24 offers a subscription that starts at $99 per month.


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