3 Ways Straight Teeth Benefit Good Oral Health

3 Ways Straight Teeth Benefit Good Oral Health

Orthodontists estimate that 75% of children can benefit from wearing braces before they become adults, but only 45% of children actually get them. Straightening teeth during the adolescent years is a great way to prevent future, possibly painful and expensive, dental problems. Thanks to technology advances, braces options are wider and more budget-friendly, today. For a child who can benefit from braces, but whose self-confidence may be low, an invisalign consultation is a great start toward a healthier smile. Straightening teeth sooner rather than later offers several future oral health benefits, including cavity prevention, maintained periodontal health and TMJ disorder prevention.

Straight Teeth Help Prevent Unnecessary Cavities

Dentists estimate that only 12% of the American population flosses regularly. Not flossing regularly, in addition to teeth that are not straight, leads to unnecessary cavities. Even when teeth are straight, the molars tend to be cavity prone because they’re not as easy to reach when brushing. Crooked teeth exacerbate this problem due to the hard-to-reach crevices they create. These hidden cavities can then lead to worse problems like tooth loss, the need for crowns and root canals.

Straight Teeth Improve Periodontal Health

Overcrowded teeth that overlap onto each other spread bacteria to one another more easily. In addition to the possibility the bacteria will create more cavities, a person’s periodontal health can also suffer. Poor periodontal health can spawn pockets in the gums and can lead to bad breath, gum bleeding and eventually, periodontal disease.

Straight Teeth Can Prevent TMJ

Temporomandibular joint disorders, or TMJ, are often caused by bite problems, stress and consistent teeth grinding or clenching. The result is jaw discomfort, headaches and ear, neck and should annoyances. Orthodontic treatments, like braces, are often recommended to TMJ patients. The goal is to correct a mis-aligned bite so jaw movement during chewing is no longer awkward. Braces during the adolescent years for children whose bites are off, therefore, can prevent future TMJ issues.

Children and teenagers experience a range of emotions and situations while growing up, so it’s understandable that many would prefer not to add braces into the mix. The look, feel and costs of braces has evolved, and depending on the situation, invisible teeth aligners can be a treatment option. A straight smile is not only a boost for a confident grin and self-esteem, it’s also great for good oral health.


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